Corporate Governance


AerCap is committed to sound Corporate Governance to ensure that each stakeholder's interest is respected and protected.

Key Features

Adherence to Dutch Corporate Governance Code (Dutch public limited liability company) and the Irish Companies Act 2014 (trading from Ireland) and applicable Irish law
Public company Board of Directors
Established Committees of the Board
Articles of Association
Board Rules
Internal Policy & Procedures Manual
Board of Directors in place for multiple subsidiaries, joint ventures, securitizations


US, Irish and Dutch laws and regulations
SEC and NYSE regulations
Sarbanes-Oxley 404 controls
General compliance and ethics

Internal Audit

Direct report to Audit Committee
Use of both internal & external (KPMG) resources
Compliance assurance
Covers approx. 20 different commercial & support areas

Risk Management (Business Risks)

Management of Strategic Risk:
Industry specific  (aircraft values, lease rates, airline defaults)
Funding (availability, covenants)
Interest rate exposure (hedging policies)
Regulatory/Legal (transaction documents, public company requirements)

Management of Operational Risks:
Established Control and Risk Framework (CRF)
Leasing activity (input & sign-off from all key functions on approvals, letters of intent, contracts)
Receivables management (outstandings & arrears)
Restructuring and repossessions (teams established with key members)
Enhanced monitoring of Watchlist accounts
Trading activity (to maintain an optimized portfolio)
Insurance requirements and coverages
Tax (Compliance & Planning)
Strong control functionality with business operating system (CMS)

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