Leasing & Trading


We provide new and used commercial aircraft on operating lease from our existing fleet and through sale and leaseback transactions. Leasing aircraft, versus buying, provides major benefits to our airline customers:

  • Flexibility to adjust their fleet in response to changing market conditions
  • No exposure to aircraft residual value risk
  • No need to make substantial capital investments for aircraft acquisition
  • Concentration on the core business: the operation of a fleet rather than aircraft ownership

Sale and Leasebacks

Sale and leasebacks of both new and used aircraft provide our customers more flexible fleet planning options as well as the release of liquidity and equity.

Aircraft Trading

Asset Acquisitions:

The purchase of in-production, fuel efficient aircraft equipment is a core element of our fleet development strategy.   AerCap is focused on acquiring new or close to new single aisle and select wide body aircraft.  We are continuously seeking attractive opportunities to keep our fleet young through:

  • Purchases directly from manufacturers,
  • Purchases from other aircraft owners and investors,
  • Sale and leaseback transactions with airlines. AerCap is actively seeking sale and leaseback transactions for new aircraft deliveries.

Asset Sales:

Our dedicated trading team also focuses on selling new aircraft at delivery, trading aircraft with lease attached or phasing-out aircraft at the end of their life.  AerCap can propose a wide range of investment products spanning diverse requirements, structures, horizons and asset types.

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