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Contracts Manager

Contracts Management
Reports to:
Head of Contracts Management (APAC)


The Contracts Management Department manages high monetary value transactions, enforces contract compliance, and fosters strong client relationships vital to AerCap’s continued success. Working in a dynamic and challenging environment, the Contracts Manager is responsible for directing all related aspects of assigned leases for the contracts’ life cycle and managing AerCap and client compliance with the terms of the contract, corporate policies, and government regulations. This position is engaged in, among other things, ensuring agreements are accurately managed, liaising with other departments to ensure thorough execution of the lease terms, and managing delivery, return, and sales transactions, and maintaining the information in corporate database. To succeed, the Contracts Manager must pay meticulous attention to detail, exercise strong communication skills in English, be client-focused, and be adept at managing multiple, competing priorities simultaneously.


Monitor and Ensure Lease Compliance

  • Monitor, check and manage lease/purchase/sale stipulations and requirements as well as track critical events, in line with the terms of the agreement and policies and procedures, in order to ensure compliance with the various aircraft agreements (Lease, Sale and Purchase) and Letter of Credit Management;

Aircraft Delivery and Redelivery

  • Interact with airline clients, check and prepare certain Conditions Precedents (CPs) and reconcile any outstanding receivables, as outlined in the contract and per the policies and procedures, in order to ensure that delivery and redelivery of aircraft in accordance with the contractual agreements will take place;

Database Management

  • Capture and manage integrity of all relevant lease and portfolio lease information in AerCap’s corporate management system (CMS), in line with policies and procedures, in order to make all contractual data available companywide;


  • Collect receivables and check outstanding payments from customers, prepare and send out demand letters and notices of default, as well as reconcile security deposits and lease payments, in accordance with policies and procedures, with the purpose of overseeing and influencing the in and out flow of funds during the lease term;

Legal Documents

  • Prepare ancillary legal documents and correspondence such as draft relevant Conditions Precedent in line with the terms and conditions set forth in the contract and the policies and procedures;

Internal Reporting

  • Prepare and distribute reports, in line with AerCap’s requirements, in order to provide internal and external parties with relevant and up to date lease/portfolio information;


  • Manage ad-hoc special transactions or regulatory requirements (e.g., Cape Town Registrations, Eurocontrol, Customs, Sarbanes-Oxley Audits), register and / or deregister aircraft using knowledge of specific aviation authority requirements, manage intra-department and team projects.


Performance Indicators

  • Job knowledge;
  • Efficiency;
  • Accuracy;
  • Problem solving;
  • Dependability;
  • Flexibility.


  • Bachelor’s degree or relevant experience
  • 3-6 years of prior corporate contract experience, preferably in the aviation


  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in business English
  • High proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook
  • Understand databases and document management systems
  • Understand the impact document terms have on various business areas

Client Relationships

  • Develop and foster long-term client relationships
  • Work with other departments, manufacturers, and third parties
  • Effectively and confidently communicate with senior management


  • Ensure seamless functioning and communication between the various offices
  • Liaise with other departments to ensure the complete execution of lease terms
  • Must work well both independently and in teams

Additional Competencies

  • Detail-oriented, organized, and able to handle multiple priorities and deadlines simultaneously
  • Extraordinary attention to overall quality of the final product
  • Flexible, self-starting, and tenacious with an exceptional aptitude for dealing with ambiguity
  • Proactive about addressing problems and proven problem-solving skills
  • Able to excel in high-stress situations
  • Comfortable dealing with diverse, and at times challenging, personalities


  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity: develop knowledge base and skill set beyond that called for by immediate tasks; push the ‘knowledge envelope’; evaluate results of own work and that of others critically vs. purely focusing on production; continuously question processes and / or methods and seek opportunities for improvement; thoughtfully challenge conventional wisdom