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Technical Director

Miami, FL
Reports to:
Head of Technical, Americas

Job summary

AerCap is seeking a Technical Director to participate in the delivery and return of commercial jet aircraft to airlines throughout the world. The Technical Director will work and travel together with a team of AerCap professionals to negotiate aircraft lease and sale agreements, resolve technical issues that surface during the aircraft lease term, coordinate and oversee customer pre-delivery reconfiguration requirements while developing and enhancing relationships with airlines, MRO’s and suppliers internationally. 

Primary functions & responsibilities

Transaction Support

  • Draft lease return and delivery conditions and provide our legal department with side letter, lease extension and amendment language
  • Negotiate maintenance reserve rates, maintenance, delivery and return condition provisions of leases with our lessees. In a professional manner, address Lessee queries including reserve justification & commercial formulas, etc.
  • Provide vital technical subject matter for the development of LOI’s and evaluate the LOI for any conflicts relating to aircraft configuration, capabilities or regulatory requirements which may cause added financial exposure to AerCap
  • Evaluate the signed LOI to determine any modifications to the aircraft that may be required to meet our commercial obligations
  • Assist Leasing executives by providing reviewed and approved Aircraft Specification Sheets, advice on regulatory requirements, current aircraft status and anticipated aircraft status at time of delivery
  • Prepare and coordinate the pre-return meetings with the current lessee. Strive to ensure that lessee will be prepared to perform a smooth and on time return
  • Coordinate all activities with the next customer to visit the aircraft. Ensure such activity takes place during a scheduled down-time to minimize disruption to our current Lessee
  • Inspect Aircraft and documentation to determine compliance with the lease provisions

Additional Responsibilities 

  • Provide input to on any technical issues or concerns during purchase agreement negotiations with manufacturers
  • Advise Leasing, Legal and Contracts departments on a variety of technical issues related to purchase, sale, and/or transfer of aircraft
  • Take necessary steps to order engineering, components, & kits required to retrofit the aircraft as needed, while ensuring that the services and equipment provided is done so with the least amount of financial exposure to AerCap and to have an on-time to delivery to the customer
  • Field questions from all departments regarding technical issues and aircraft schedules
  • Clearing house for aircraft incidents, accidents and unscheduled damage. Both distributing information on incidents throughout the company and assessing the impact on AerCap of proposed repair schemes. Assess any residual value impact.
  • Diligently review and approve Maintenance Reserve claims in a timely and professional manner
  • Continuously provide input for our vanilla lease to ensure that all technical provisions are up to date and reflect best industry standards

Job requirements, qualifications, and competencies


  • Degree in Aircraft Maintenance Management/Engineering or Licensed Engineer or a minimum of 7+ years of airline or leasing company experience directly related to the job function
  • Working knowledge of the aircraft and its systems, aircraft records and Aviation Authority requirements
  • Knowledge of the technical provisions of a lease, ability to draft, negotiate, interpret and apply accordingly
  • Knowledge of aircraft maintenance programs, ability to measure the reasonableness of maintenance costs
  • Hard-working team player, flexible and able to perform under pressure
  • Ability to conduct business in a professional capacity while maintaining a high level of integrity at all times
  • Ability to act on own initiative, take responsibility, motivate and lead others effectively
  • Excellent planning, analytical, interpersonal, negotiation and communication skills
  • Customer service focused with the ability to respond professionally, timely and appropriately to customer request
  • Ability to collaborate across multiple departments: Leasing, Legal, Contracts, Portfolio Management, Materiel, etc. to meet customer needs
  • Proactive problem solving skills
  • Well developed and proactive problem-solving skills
  • Well organized, diligent and thorough, with desire for continuous improvement
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities and projects
  • Ability to travel to customer as needed