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Environment and Sustainability

AerCap is committed to responsible and sustainable business practices from reducing environmental impact in our offices worldwide to incorporating new, modern technology aircraft into our fleet, while disposing of older aircraft. This has a positive impact on the environment, as these new technology aircraft generate significantly less pollution than older aircraft and engines.


Our approach to sustainability

AerCap is committed to the efficient use of resources and the reduction of unnecessary waste. Our head office in Dublin meets the requirements of the LEED green building rating system and has been certified accordingly. The certification pertains to such matters as building materials, energy and water use, and accessibility. Our office buildings in L.A and Singapore are holding similar green building certifications. We use a number of means including the latest design innovations to lower our energy consumption. We encourage our employees to act in an environmentally responsible manner through recycling and conservative initiatives, which are in place throughout our offices worldwide. This enables us to reduce costs, improve resource efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and to improve environmental performance.


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Our social responsibility

AerCap supports a range of charities each year in the communities in which we operate. Through our social responsibility program we encourage employees to support local and national organizations that strengthen the communities in which they live and work. The company contributes by matching the funds raised by AerCap employee team efforts for the benefit of the local projects.

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