As the leading aviation lessor, AerCap is deeply invested in fostering sustainable growth within our industry. We recognize aviation's indispensable role in economic development, harmonizing international relations and facilitating cross-border trade.

The activity that currently contributes most to decarbonization is fleet renewal, and AerCap continues to play a leading role by investing in the most fuel-efficient new technology aircraft.

Beyond climate concerns, AerCap remains steadfast in its commitment to exemplary governance, diversity and inclusion, and corporate values. We strive to attract and nurture the best talent, leveraging our human capital to deliver sustainable returns for stakeholders. Moreover, we endeavour to make a positive societal impact commensurate with our market leadership position.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting

We are committed to continuing to measure and report extensively on our sustainability performance.

Our ESG reports provide a detailed recount of our sustainability efforts including the disclosure of our direct Scope 1, and indirect Scope 2 and Scope 3 GHG Emissions.

Our Environmental Strategy

At AerCap, fleet renewal lies at the heart of our business strategy. As asset owners, though not operators, we recognize that this is the most impactful avenue for contributing to the industry’s decarbonization efforts. As of December 31, 2023, our fleet comprises approximately 70% new technology assets, approximately 80% new technology engines, and an order book of approximately $18 billion. These new technology assets not only exhibit significantly improved fuel-efficiency but also operate with lower noise levels and reduced air pollution. Importantly, they generate substantial cost savings for our customers. We aim to have approximately 75% of our fleet composed of new technology assets. This commitment underscores our unwavering dedication to sustainable aviation.

AerCap has an extensive aircraft end-of-life strategy. Our dismantling business, AerCap Materials, has more than 50 years’ experience in aircraft dismantling. Our facility is ISO certified and AFRA accredited, helping to ensure that aircraft are retired with adherence to strict environmental and safety protocols.

More globally, we are focused on operational efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint across our offices. To that end, our offices in Dublin, Singapore and Miami are LEED Platinum certified buildings, and we have introduced measures to reduce the use of energy, water and materials more responsibly across all of our offices.

AerCap believes that reducing emissions is the most effective climate solution; however, some of our direct and indirect emissions are unavoidable, and we endeavour to balance these emissions by contributing to an overall reduction in GHG emissions by financing verifiable carbon reduction/removal projects.

Empowering Our People and Global Communities

AerCap strives to attract and nurture the best talent, leveraging our human capital. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive workplace for our people, creating meaningful work with a broader purpose, investing in our peoples’ professional development, and remunerating them with competitive compensation and benefits’ packages.

Our commitment to dignity and respect also extends to the communities in which we operate. Supporting and giving back to these communities is a key pillar of AerCap's social responsibility and employee engagement strategies.

Governing with Integrity

At AerCap we believe in operating fairly and in accordance with the highest level of integrity to ensure that each stakeholders’ interest is respected and protected. Our experienced and knowledgeable Board of Directors oversee our global operations with professional standards, prudent supply chain monitoring, and quality risk management. AerCap’s Board-level ESG Committee provides oversight of ESG risks and opportunities at the highest level.