AerCap Holdings N.V. (”AerCap”) may from time to time engage in bilateral contacts with shareholders or potential shareholders. The objective of such contacts is to explain and discuss AerCap’s strategy and operational performance. In respect of such bilateral contacts, AerCap shall apply the following policy:

  1. They may be initiated at the request of AerCap or an AerCap shareholder or potential shareholder. AerCap reserves the right to determine at its own discretion whether it accepts an invitation to participate in such contacts and the terms on which it may accept such invitation. Any request for a bilateral contact must be addressed to the investor relations department.
  2. In principle, they shall not take place during so-called “quiet” periods, as defined in AerCap’s disclosure and communication policies. There are quiet periods in relation to the quarterly earnings commencing thirty days prior to the date of the quarter earnings release and continuing until the earnings are publicly released unless determined otherwise by AerCap. There are quiet periods in relation to the year-end earnings commencing on the earlier of forty-five days prior to the scheduled public dissemination of the year-end earnings and the date the year•end earnings are known unless determined otherwise by AerCap.
  3. They shall in principle be conducted by a member of the investor relations department or any other person designated in accordance with the AerCap spokesperson policy.
  4. Any explanations shall be based on information which is already in the public domain.
  5. AerCap shall not be obliged to comment on analyst or similar research.
  6. They will at all times be conducted in compliance with applicable law, in particular concerning price sensitive information, selective disclosure and equal treatment of shareholders.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, this policy may be departed from, withdrawn or amended by the Board at its sole discretion if it considers such in the best interest of AerCap.

Policy on Bilateral Contacts With Shareholders