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AerCap is the global leader in aircraft leasing and aviation finance with ~$70 billion of assets including over 1,800 aircraft, over 900 engines and over 300 helicopters, and an order book of more than 460 of the most fuel efficient, new technology aircraft in the world.

Our scale, combined with our industry-leading team, enables us to provide comprehensive and tailor-made fleet solutions that are unrivaled in the leasing business.

We offer new and used commercial aircraft and helicopters on operating lease from our existing fleet and our order book. In addition, we offer aftermarket components, equipment and services through our Materials business, and the lease, purchase and financing of spare engines. We also provide aircraft owners, financiers and investors with all asset services necessary to manage an aircraft, engines and helicopter portfolio.

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We provide new and used commercial aircraft on operating lease from our existing fleet and order book of Boeing, Airbus and Embraer aircraft, and through sale and leaseback transactions. Operating leases provide major benefits to our airline customers:

  • Flexibility to adjust their fleet in response to changing market conditions.
  • No exposure to aircraft residual value risk.
  • No need to make substantial capital investments for aircraft acquisition.
  • Concentration on the core business; the operation of a fleet rather than aircraft ownership.

Sale and Leasebacks

Sale and leasebacks of both new and used aircraft provide our customers more flexible fleet planning options, as well as the release of liquidity and equity.

Aircraft trading

The purchase of in-production, fuel-efficient aircraft equipment is a core element of our fleet development strategy. AerCap is focused on acquiring new, or close to new, single aisle and select wide-body aircraft. We are continuously seeking attractive opportunities to keep our fleet young through:

  • Direct purchases from manufacturers.
  • Purchases from other aircraft owners and investors.
  • Sale and leaseback transactions with airlines. AerCap is actively seeking sale and leaseback transactions for new aircraft deliveries.​

Asset sales

Our dedicated trading team also focuses on selling new aircraft at delivery, trading aircraft with lease attached or phasing-out aircraft at the end of their life. AerCap can propose a wide range of investment products spanning diverse requirements, structures, horizons and asset types.

Asset management

AerCap provides aircraft owners, financiers and investors with asset services necessary to manage an aircraft portfolio. We take over the complete process from assessing marketing opportunities to negotiating lease documentation, preparing the aircraft for delivery and managing the lease during the contract period.

We offer our services as a package or stand-alone, for single aircraft or an entire portfolio:

  • Remarketing, purchasing and selling.
  • Technical management.
  • Contract management.
  • Financial engineering.
  • Securitization services.

Aircraft Engines

AerCap Engines is the world's leading engine leasing business, supporting airlines and investors with the lease, purchase and financing of engines from GE, CFM, IAE, Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney through long-or short-term leases and loans, exchanges and servicing.

Engine-related AOG or Urgent Assistance
For 24/7 Assistance on engine related services:

T: +1 800 532 7323
T: +1 800 LEASE AE
E: aercapengines@aercap.com


Amongst the world's largest distributors of aftermarket components, equipment and services, AerCap Materials provides comprehensive solutions for your supply chain. It also acquires aircraft and engines for part-out as well as part inventories through purchase or consignment.

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Milestone, an AerCap Company, is the world's leading helicopter lessor, with the largest civilian helicopter fleet and a suite of leasing and debt solutions. Milestone provides financing options to operators in the offshore oil & gas industries, search & rescue, EMS, police surveillance, mining and other utility missions. Its fleet includes Leonardo, Airbus, Bell and Sikorsky helicopters.

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